Green Nomad

A blog on sustainable practices, design, and innovation


(Image: Hindsgavl Park, Denmark. Spring 2015)

One of the hardest things in getting started with this blog, was choosing its title and digital domain. It seemed like all the clever names and ideas had already been taken. Then I thought about the two topics that have been my constant companions these last few years: sustainability & technology. Thus, Green & Lean came about. Unfortunately, after a while, the title reminds me about salads, diets, and fitness… Nevertheless, I decided to keep the title as a reminder that nothing has to be perfect, and that I will persevere in my attempt to bring my thoughts to light.

As such, I hope this will become a series of blog posts or thought pieces that I will publish about my areas of interest. These include topics around sustainable product development, life cycle assessment, design and system thinking, circular economy, to name a few. It will surely look like a fruit salad. Colourful. Savoury. Sometimes sweet, others, tangy. And hopefully, it will bring you back for more. Please don’t forget to provide constructive feedback. After all, I am after starting a conversation and look forward to where this could take us. Thanks.


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